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Breast Cancer
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We meet at Joyce Reece’s house, 6816 Sutter Ave. in Carmichael on the first Wednesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The quild has a membership requirement of at least one donated quilt per year for each member.

The Community Service Committee of RCQG focuses on giving handmade quilts to children who have extended stays in local hospitals. Last year about 375 quilts were distributed to local hospitals child services. We'd like to urge all of our members to complete at least one of our small quilts that we offer at each Guild meeting night. Many of you already do your share and more, so with just a little more effort by all members we could reach 400 quilts.

The committee meets once a month to help facilitate these donations. We organize donated materials, order batting to have on hand, make labels to be sewn on each quilt, make block-of-the-month kits, make quilt-top kits, work on all parts of the quilt-making process, and deliver the finished quilts to the hospitals.

Kits and blocks-of-the-month are available at the guild meetings to take
home. Each year, one guild meeting is
devoted to sewing on community service quilts.

Additional Projects:

  • Another ongoing project is making drawstring bags for children at the Children’s Receiving Home. About one hundred bags per year have been donated in recent years.
  • A new project introduced in 2011 is making very small quilts, called “lovies”, for the Sheriff’s Department. Patrolmen keep them in their cars with small toys to give to children who need to be comforted in stressful situations.
  • See other community service opportunities in the navigation bar at left.

Many hours of caring work by our guild members go into each of these projects. These efforts are very much appreciated by the children and their families as evidenced by the many heartfelt thank you letters received throughout the years. Thanks to all who participate.

Community Service Chairs:
• Penny Berggren penny@theberggrens.com
• Vera Karnes vkarnes@att.net

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or donations.
Get involved! Volunteer! 

Letter of Thanks. . .

Dear River City Quilters' Guild,
I am a member of Gateway Quilters' Guild in Modesto, CA. Like many of you, I spend some time each year making 2 or 3 quilts to be given away by others to people I have never met.
Last week, I walked into a Pediatric ICU room in Sacramento. As I gave my brother a hug, he wept as he said, "Look at the quilt they made for us!?" And there covering his dying 7 year old daughter was a bright, colorful expression of care from one of you. My niece was warmed and snuggled by that quilt clear up to the end. Then, the quilt was brought home as a precious memento.
My brother had no way of knowing that together we make lots and lots of quilts for "Charity." To him, that quilt was made for them personally and it was received with great humility and thankfulness.
I relay all of this to you to encourage you and to thank you. These quilts that we make mean much more than you or I ever imagined.

Community Service quilts are
distributed for completion during
one of the monthly meetings.