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Scholarship Offered for Sac State Students

Non-freshmen students are eligible and should check for the Institutional Scholarship Application in the Student Center area of their "My Sac State" account. The yearly application period begins in mid January for the upcoming Fall/Spring semesters.

River City Quilters' Guild Scholarship
This RCQG scholarship, established years ago, is now more accessible to Sac State students who demonstrate experience in quilt making or have an objective to incorporate quilting techniques, quilting history or quilting theory into their academic/professional goals. Especially, though not exclusively, in the areas of fashion design, art, history, sociology or education. Open to all class level except for Freshman. Students must be enrolled at least 6 units and have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

To be considered, students must submit a 1-2 pages essay describing their interest in quilting, quilts made and techniques used. If the student has not made quilts, the essay must describe why their interest in quilting is significant and how it will be pursued in an academic/professional setting to encourage quilting and/or the appreciation of quilts.

Sac StateYears ago we discovered that our endowment and scholarship funds at California State University, Sacramento (Sac State) had not been used in several years and wanted to know why. Essentially, the scholarship was available only to a very limited number of students in the Family and Consumer Sciences department and the requirements were outdated.

Sharie Schroepfer worked with the Sac State financial aid department and our board to revise the requirements. We authorized moving the funds, which amount to about $17,000, to a more general financial aid program. The board authorized one $750 scholarship a semester to a student who is a quilter or plans to use quilting in an academic or professional setting, i.e. fashion, art, education, etc. (See right.)

We will continue to monitor if the scholarship is awarded on a regular basis and make other changes if necessary. If guild members have any questions or comments, please contact Sharie Schroepfer.