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Leora Raikin
Lecture Date: February 16

Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery
In the lectures I present on African Folklore Embroidery I try to convey information about South Africa and African Folklore Embroidery in a humorous, entertaining, informative and interactive manner. A percentage of all book sales are donated to Kidzpositive, an AIDS charity that supports mothers and children with AIDS in South Africa.

Workshop Date: Feb. 17
Embroidery Stitches for African Folklore Embroidery
Students can select a kit design from different options, either before or at the class. Kits include design, needle, threads, stitch diagram and beads.This workshop includes instruction on: Discover the history and background of African Folklore Embroidery. Learn about the Culture, traditions and customs of the Ndebele tribe with fun quizzes and more.Get training in the stitching techniques for completing an African Folklore Embroidery design. These stitches include: chain stitch, Satin stitch, French knots and Bullion stitch.
Get instruction on embellishment techniques for enhancement and effects, use of color , variegated and metallic threads, beading and beadwork techniques, Mola Barbara Interweaving, Double-sided Interweaving, Roller Coaster, and African Crouching. Play with threads and color and how to mix threads and fibers. Completed designs can be converted into quilts, tote bags, pillows and wearable art.
Costs: $35 class fee, Kits: $30 to $45

RaNae Merrill
Lecture Date: March 15

Title: How I Became a Spiralmaniac
Get to know RaNae in this lecture/trunk show as she shares her spiral quilts and demonstrates different types of spirals and settings. Includes an easy hands-on demonstration of how to draw a spiral

Workshop Date: March 16
Title: "Ribbons and Fountains and Stars, Oh My!" Point-to-Point Spiral Workshop
Make this stunning quilt using Point-to-Point spiral blocks. You'll learn how to color and combine these elegant spirals to create a quilt design with flowing ribbons, fountains, stars and more. Along the way, you'll also learn how to select fabrics by color, value and pattern, and learn techniques for foundation piecing that make it easier than ever before. You'll work on the center block in class to learn the techniques so you can finish the quilt at home. The finished quilt is 50" square. (And in case you only want to make one block, there's a placemat pattern so you don't end up with another UFO!)
Cost: $35 class fee, Materials Fee: $25 per student or optional fabric kit $69

Dixie McBride
Lecture Date: April 19

Title: Garage Sale Heirlooms
Dixie McBride is an avid collector of garage sale quilts. She has gathered the stories that come with them. Stories she says we may find "a bit sad, humorous and some that will warm your heart." Dixie shares more than 60 of her treasures in this light-hearted slide lecture presentation.

Workshop Date: April 20
Title: Cottage in the Garden
An enchanting cottage is created then landscaping the garden with the aid of pattern options completes the composition. Explore rooflines, windows and doors along with fences, flowers and other elements of a landscape. Broderie Perse appliqué and Needleturn hand appliqué technique will be taught but the project is adaptable to any appliqué method, including machine work. A 20”block will be well on its way to completion in this exciting class
Cost: $35 Class fee

Mickey DePre
Lecture Date: May 17

Title: Coloriffic Quilts, The Lecture
One-hour powerpoint presentation of the workshop. I will take the audience thru exercises of fabric selection for projects. They will learn to stretch their wings and see that using colors/patterns they may not of considered before will add “zing” to their next projects palette. This will be followed by a short trunk show and of course a question and answer period.

Workshop Date: May 18
Title: Pieced Hexie Buffet
Join me and learn how to take the Hexie to a whole new level with my Pieced Hexies Patterns. We will be making the following designs: Cogs, Jacks, and Sparkle Hexies. Some English Paper Piecing experience would be helpful but not necessary.Students will leave class with three new design samples and their imagination running wild. Level: All Levels
Cost: $35 class fee, $18 discount price for book
BOOK PURCHASE REQUIRED –Pieced Hexies – A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing will be required for all workshop attendees.BOOK can be purchased at the time of the workshop at a discount.

Dierdra McElroy
Lecture Date: June 21

Title: The Tifaifai Way
Tahiti is a French protectorate so this lecture is appropriately opened with an enthusiastic greeting in French as the program chairman is presented with a unique Lei. During this lecture a thorough, yet entertaining, history of the islands is given in order to give the audience the necessary understanding of the island's culture. Over 30 Tifaifai (pronounced tee-fay-fay) in various stages of production are shared with the listeners. Each design has a purpose and story which is explained and the audience is slowly lured into a virtual tropical paradise!The traditional rules for designing a Tifaifai are also given as Dierdra encourages quilters to create their own 'picture book' quilts from paradise.

Workshop Date: June 22
Title: Tahitian Applique
Description:The Tifaifai is Dierdra's singular passion because it exudes complexity when, in reality, its simplicity is unrivaled in the applique world. This free-form applique method requires no pins, ironing, spray startch, or major preparation. The secrets of laying out the applique piece (which is cut while folded like a paper snowflake) onto the base fabric is shared and practiced in class. Students experience and learn about grain lines, warps and wefts of fabric weave and then baste their design with Roxanne Glue. The afternoon is then dedicated to learning the five basic elements of Needleturn Applique and Dierdra's tricks for easy precision. Lots of individual attention is given so that everyone can learn the techniques easily.
Cost: $35 Class fee, $20 kit fee

Community Service Night
Date: July 19

You may bring any community service quilt you are working on to the meeting. We will be hand tying quilts, binding, or doing machine work. There will also be the annual ice cream social. Make sure you bring your sweet along with you.

Annual Flea Market Night
Date: August 16

Buy a table for $15 and bring any items you wish to sell. The workshop chairperson will be glad to take your money. Remember, your junk is someone elses' treasure.

Robyn Green and Laurel Anderson
Lecture Date: September 20

Title: Hoffman Batik Seminar
Robyn is a sales rep. for Hoffman Fabrics. She will give a lecture and dvd presentation on batiks.
Workshop Date: September 21
Title: How to Dye cotton, silk and bamboo batting
Laurel is one of our members. She will be teaching how to dye fabric.
Cost: $35 class fee $8.00 per yard fee for PFD fabric. Bring enough for at least 3 yards.

Donna Thomas
Lecture Date: Oct. 18

Title: What in the World is On Point Patchwork?
On-point patchwork is something we haven’t done much of since we stopped making templates for all our piecing. It is NOT about on-point quilt sets but rather about pieced units set on point inside the boundaries of blocks and borders. I’ll walk you through the how’s and why’s of the problems we encounter with on-point patchwork and the simple math-free solution that now allows us to make all kinds of interesting blocks that our grandmothers made with templates. This is an information- and quilt-packed lecture---the ideas will open up all kinds of design possibilities for today’s quilter.

Workshop Date: Oct. 19
Title: Rainbow Radiance

Learn how to make this great stash-buster quilt using lots of prints and one cream solid for all the blocks. Since parts of the block are set on point, you’ll learn how to use the On-Point ruler so they fit perfectly with the straight-set parts. Fun to make in pairs of blocks, make your quilt as big or small as you want by making more or fewer pairs of blocks. Intermediate. All day. Machine piecing and rotary cutting experience required
Cost: $35 class fee
It takes awhile for the link to come up, so have patience.

Cara Gulati
Lecture Date: November 15

Title: So You Want to Make an Art Quilt?
Would you like some inspiration to get started making art quilts? Are you afraid that it’s too hard and only gifted people can make art quilts? Then this lecture is for you! I will talk about how to get started making art quilts from a traditional stand point and work my way up to making the giant art quilts like the 3-D Explosion series. I will discuss art fabrics and techniques to make them as well as show samples. This is a trunk show if you are within driving distance!

Workshop Date: Monday Nov. 14th and Tuesday Nov. 15th
Title: 3-D Explosion... (Two Day Workshop)
Would you like to create your own art quilt, but not sure where to start? Learn to draw curved lines and choose fabrics to create an explosion of the third dimension- depth! Then construct your new creation and get suggestions for the quilting design to enhance the illusion. My quilt Scrolls in the photo above is the inspiration for this two day workshop.

November 18-20, 2016 (Friday - Sunday)

Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. / Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Scottish Rite Temple / 6151 H Street, Sacramento, CA (MAP)
Admission: $7, Ages 12 and under free when accompanied by an adult


December, Christmas Party
Date: Dec. 20

It is once again time for the annual Christmas Party and pot luck. There will be an ornament exchange, games and M and M's. I hope you will be able to come.


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